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Fix command layer

In the previous Version the command layer was copied from the bone
hrnz 4 months ago
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@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
<?xml version="1.1" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE keyboard SYSTEM "file://localhost/System/Library/DTDs/KeyboardLayout.dtd">
<!--Last edited by Ukelele version on 2021-01-14 at 13:05 (CET)-->
<!--Last edited by Ukelele version on 2021-01-19 at 19:40 (CET)-->
<keyboard group="126" id="-20534" name="Deutsch (NeoQwertz)" maxout="3">
<layout first="0" last="0" mapSet="138" modifiers="30"/>
@ -842,23 +842,23 @@
<keyMap index="7">
<key code="0" action="61"/>
<key code="1" output="t"/>
<key code="2" output="i"/>
<key code="3" output="e"/>
<key code="4" output="b"/>
<key code="5" output="o"/>
<key code="1" output="s"/>
<key code="2" output="d"/>
<key code="3" output="f"/>
<key code="4" output="h"/>
<key code="5" output="g"/>
<key code="6" action="93"/>
<key code="7" output="v"/>
<key code="8" output="ü"/>
<key code="9" output="ä"/>
<key code="7" output="x"/>
<key code="8" output="c"/>
<key code="9" output="v"/>
<key code="10" output="^"/>
<key code="11" output="ö"/>
<key code="12" output="j"/>
<key code="13" output="d"/>
<key code="11" output="b"/>
<key code="12" output="q"/>
<key code="13" output="w"/>
<key code="14" action="86"/>
<key code="15" output="a"/>
<key code="15" output="r"/>
<key code="16" action="87"/>
<key code="17" output="x"/>
<key code="17" output="t"/>
<key code="18" output="1"/>
<key code="19" output="2"/>
<key code="20" output="3"/>
@ -874,20 +874,20 @@
<key code="30" output="+"/>
<key code="31" action="90"/>
<key code="32" action="84"/>
<key code="33" output="ß"/>
<key code="33" output="ü"/>
<key code="34" action="89"/>
<key code="35" output="w"/>
<key code="35" output="p"/>
<key code="36" output="&#x000D;"/>
<key code="37" action="91"/>
<key code="38" output="n"/>
<key code="38" output="j"/>
<key code="39" action="94"/>
<key code="40" output="r"/>
<key code="41" output="g"/>
<key code="40" output="k"/>
<key code="41" output="ö"/>
<key code="42" output=""/>
<key code="43" output=","/>
<key code="44" output="k"/>
<key code="44" output="-"/>
<key code="45" action="88"/>
<key code="46" output="z"/>
<key code="46" output="m"/>
<key code="47" output="."/>
<key code="48" output="&#x0009;"/>
<key code="49" action="73"/>
@ -2572,7 +2572,7 @@
<when state="Ebene 4 und 6" next="Ebene 4 T3 Doppelakut"/>
<action id="61">
<when state="none" output="c"/>
<when state="none" output="a"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T1 Zirkumflex" output="â"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T2 Gravis" output="à"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T3 Akut" output="á"/>
@ -2957,7 +2957,7 @@
<when state="Ebene 6 T3 Breve" output="ŭ"/>
<action id="84">
<when state="none" output="h"/>
<when state="none" output="u"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T1 Zirkumflex" output="û"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T2 Gravis" output="ù"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T3 Akut" output="ú"/>
@ -2992,7 +2992,7 @@
<when state="compose d" next="compose d a"/>
<action id="86">
<when state="none" output="u"/>
<when state="none" output="e"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T1 Zirkumflex" output="ê"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T2 Gravis" output="è"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T3 Akut" output="é"/>
@ -3008,7 +3008,7 @@
<when state="compose f" output="fl"/>
<action id="87">
<when state="none" output="p"/>
<when state="none" output="z"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T1 Zirkumflex" output="ŷ"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T2 Gravis" output="ỳ"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T3 Akut" output="ý"/>
@ -3017,7 +3017,7 @@
<when state="Ebene 5 Spiritus lenis" output="ý"/>
<action id="88">
<when state="none" output="y"/>
<when state="none" output="n"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T2 Gravis" output="ǹ"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T3 Akut" output="ń"/>
<when state="Ebene 2 T2 Cedille" output="ņ"/>
@ -3025,7 +3025,7 @@
<when state="Ebene 5 T1 Haken" output="ñ"/>
<action id="89">
<when state="none" output="l"/>
<when state="none" output="i"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T1 Zirkumflex" output="î"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T2 Gravis" output="ì"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T3 Akut" output="í"/>
@ -3041,7 +3041,7 @@
<when state="Ebene 5 T2 Spiritus asper" output="Ἡ"/>
<action id="90">
<when state="none" output="m"/>
<when state="none" output="o"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T1 Zirkumflex" output="ô"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T2 Gravis" output="ò"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T3 Akut" output="ó"/>
@ -3057,7 +3057,7 @@
<when state="compose p" output="₰"/>
<action id="91">
<when state="none" output="s"/>
<when state="none" output="l"/>
<when state="Ebene 1 T3 Akut" output="ĺ"/>
<when state="Ebene 2 T2 Cedille" output="ļ"/>
<when state="Ebene 4 T1 Punkt darüber" output="ŀ"/>
@ -3086,11 +3086,11 @@
<when state="Ebene 6 T2 Macron" output="ȳ"/>
<action id="93">
<when state="none" output="f"/>
<when state="none" output="y"/>
<when state="Ebene 4 T1 Punkt darüber" output="ż"/>
<action id="94">
<when state="none" output="q"/>
<when state="none" output="ä"/>
<when state="Ebene 4 T1 Punkt darüber" output="…"/>
<when state="Ebene 4 T3 Doppelakut" output="‚"/>