2604 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ferdinym 5338830383 neovars: fix some pixels in on-screen board images 4 months ago
  ferdinym b1d839a3dd neovars: error-messages on missing unicode-support revised 4 months ago
  ferdinym 742d6b982d neovars: tray-menu revised, keyboard-shortcturs quick-help added 4 months ago
  ferdinym f9941b572f neovars: update on-screen board immediately after suspension ends 4 months ago
  ferdinym ebcc37d068 neovars: unicode keypress replaced with native send 4 months ago
  ferdinym 33d6dfbc87 neovars: Sendmode changed to "Input" 4 months ago
  ferdinym ef8d9c61f5 neovars: build-tool "compose-update" performance improved 4 months ago
  ferdinym 3df333fa02 neovars: build-tool's logging window improvements (window updates) 4 months ago
  ferdinym a2da10cdc1 neovars: minor on-screen board code-cleanup 4 months ago
  ferdinym badb746eef neovars: make progress-counter stay below entries in build-tools log 4 months ago
  ferdinym 2adeac4aa5 neovars: include util.ahk in more scripts explicitly 4 months ago
  ferdinym 5eb8478348 neovars: update shortcuts for "Wie mit Neo" Tool 4 months ago
  ferdinym 23bd680691 neovars: unshift bug fixed 4 months ago
  ferdinym 840053c8e9 neovars: thread criticality added (correctness + stability + performance) 4 months ago
  ferdinym 9e5953f5ce neovars: initialization cleaned, functions reordered and removed 4 months ago
  ferdinym 1812ec7a43 neovars: Compose and key-event processing rewritten for clarity 4 months ago
  ferdinym 52f606b18a neovars: BST window message handlers update 4 months ago
  ferdinym b5b42de5a5 neovars: fix Uni-tool, internal unicode string too long 4 months ago
  ferdinym 3412662982 neovars: keydefinitions table reformatted 4 months ago
  ferdinym e9fcc2c85c neovars: EbeneAktualisieren alias removed, static function call 4 months ago
  ferdinym 5c1c346e0c neovars: on-screen keyboard layout- and performance updates 4 months ago
  ferdinym 9a2e731253 neovars: on-screen-board keycap symbols moved to associative array 4 months ago
  ferdinym 42231d3ea3 neovars: initialization process update 4 months ago
  ferdinym 0d0691ab35 neovars: compose generator/parser update 4 months ago
  ferdinym 116cf47c42 neovars: native tool-sequences overwrite generated compose defs. 4 months ago
  ferdinym 181770f077 neovars: Compose/ directory-specific revision info in make-compose.bat 4 months ago
  ferdinym 5788878de6 neovars: fix compose-generators 4 months ago
  ferdinym fc1cdcf4f6 neovars: templates for Neo2.ini and custom.ahk with user-defined compose defs. 4 months ago
  ferdinym 8076baeec0 neovars: new build-scripts and build-configuration 4 months ago
  ferdinym c54aed8b19 neovars: preparations for a portable version 4 months ago
  ferdinym 543c7b96a4 neovars: modifier locks can be turned off 4 months ago
  ferdinym 04bc40a93c neovars: remove "edit" option from compiled script's tray-icon context menu 4 months ago
  ferdinym f5096615f6 neovars: GUI handling with hWND's + window event functions 4 months ago
  ferdinym 7ca4999413 neovars: allow lang-s-modus in qwertz-mode 5 months ago
  ferdinym 037e2bc112 neovars: register tab as *-hotkey so it works properly in einhandneo and BST 5 months ago
  ferdinym a5a4708f41 neovars: simplified code for custom layouts 5 months ago
  ferdinym 3057731f8e neovars: "Wie mit Neo"-tool gets standard font, window always on top 5 months ago
  ferdinym a8c4a26f30 neovars: add alternative compose-sequence for tools 5 months ago
  ferdinym 901df9fefe neovars: minor BST performance enhancement, flicker reduced 4 months ago
  ferdinym b120ced8dd neovars: minor performance enhancements for BSTUpdate 5 months ago
  ferdinym b530868980 neovars: BST-layouts can highlight tools 5 months ago
  ferdinym a8632fce82 neovars: add "uc" and "UC" symbols for calculator-tool to BST 5 months ago
  ferdinym 02aecf1108 neovars: improved handling of compose/dead keys in on-screen keyboard 5 months ago
  ferdinym 9005003ec5 neovars: new on-screen keyboard symbols for space- and hyphen variants 4 months ago
  ferdinym fea1d07362 neovars: BST symbole für tote Tasten leicht überarbeitet 5 months ago
  ferdinym 315ac73b77 neovars: hide BST on double-right-click temporarily 5 months ago
  ferdinym d3b58224e3 neovars: simplified handling of modifier keys in BST 5 months ago
  ferdinym db927144dc neovars: disable special treatment of ampersands in BST text controls 5 months ago
  ferdinym bab835e530 neovars: reset BST-window by double-clicking it 5 months ago
  ferdinym 14104c0e6b neovars: ini-input sanitization + some cleanup 5 months ago