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  Nuc1eoN d9cb597348 Fix NEOQWERTZ layout 3 days ago
  Jonathan Vetter 716ce0a947
added layout NEOQWERTZ 5 months ago
  Ulli Kehrle 2e357d57e5
Added Bone. 3 weeks ago
  Olaf Schulz e9489e8168 [release] Prepare next development version 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz 3b0f36b9a5 [release] Create new release 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz 952373dfea Prepare version 1.6 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz 0bc4488e3f Merge branch 'unstable' 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz a9faf4d710 Add command line actions and fix DBus-issue 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz b8db203b06 [release] Prepare next development version 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz efb3e95db7 [release] Create new release 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz 0c024a0190 Prepare version 1.5 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz 065ddf9da0 Add missing files 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz be464bfcf5 Makefile: Add installation of *.desktop file 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz 8ccde0ce25 Add script for automatic layer generation 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz 88f719dc91 Use ADNW/KOY icons in Gnome 3.x indicator 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz 0e181760f0 Fix Readme typo 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz aebe6ffe19 Integration of ADNW und KOY: 8 months ago
  Jonathan Vetter a8c52f309b Added ADNW and KOY layout to NeoLayoutViewer - all files :) 8 months ago
  Jonathan Vetter 231e9b582d Added ADNW and KOY layout to NeoLayoutViewer 8 months ago
  Olaf Schulz 2c3d076875 Merge branch 'unstable' 8 months ago
  Olaf S c22502f7b4
Merge pull request #11 from ypid/fix-readme 9 months ago
  Robin Schneider 702a40f118
Use apt, the pkg command intended for humans 9 months ago
  Robin Schneider 8e1157d6fc
Convert README.md to proper Markdown 9 months ago
  Olaf Schulz c660404b3e Minor changes and svg source for layer added. 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz c2da69c633 [release] Prepare next development version 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 5d6f2a031a [release] Create new release 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz c7d3cb0ca8 Normalize code syntax 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 5c468bf2b1 Save window size for each monitor. 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 24ae37e874 Fix issue which prevents window from downscaling 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 6d347d1729 Update about dialog text and change my mail address. 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 02188f4d4c Allow manual re-sizing of window. 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz fb41c192d2 First version with support of multiple monitors. Problems given if resolutions of monitors differs... 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 5eb0bff042 Fix display of version number in about dialog. 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 76277466c0 Add switch 'UBUNTU=1/0' to build package with pbuilder also against ubuntu bionic. 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 8d544fb552 [release] Prepare next development version 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 972cfa6f75 [release] Create new release 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 8e99b6f5f5 Avoid valac warning and add test target 'deb-packages_as_user' 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz d2004964cb Derive release version from debian changelog 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 264804d174 Remove libunique dependency 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 05bf909316 Extend release script commands 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 12048bb90c Add Marco <hupfdule> Herrn to list of authors. 2 years ago
  Marco Herrn f8a0d93ca3 Speficy "stable" as target release in changelog 2 years ago
  Marco Herrn e3c2af86cd Replace quilt patch with dh_auto_install override 2 years ago
  Marco Herrn 04902148ea Provide release script 2 years ago
  Marco Herrn 54a484b6b1 gitignore dist/ and tmp/ 2 years ago
  Marco Herrn 3dc9f43a41 Update make targets for distribution package creation 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 37a92a9754 Add debuild* targets to Makefile 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 5501bd22d7 Remove '-0' from version to avoid lintian warning 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz c67e3b3191 Made project buildable with debuild 9 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 91b2fa9a29 Fix install target in Makefile 2 years ago