57 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Olaf Schulz 952373dfea Prepare version 1.6 10 months ago
  Olaf Schulz a9faf4d710 Add command line actions and fix DBus-issue 10 months ago
  Olaf Schulz be464bfcf5 Makefile: Add installation of *.desktop file 10 months ago
  Olaf Schulz aebe6ffe19 Integration of ADNW und KOY: 10 months ago
  Olaf Schulz c660404b3e Minor changes and svg source for layer added. 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 02188f4d4c Allow manual re-sizing of window. 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 76277466c0 Add switch 'UBUNTU=1/0' to build package with pbuilder also against ubuntu bionic. 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 8e99b6f5f5 Avoid valac warning and add test target 'deb-packages_as_user' 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz d2004964cb Derive release version from debian changelog 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 264804d174 Remove libunique dependency 2 years ago
  Marco Herrn 3dc9f43a41 Update make targets for distribution package creation 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 37a92a9754 Add debuild* targets to Makefile 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 5501bd22d7 Remove '-0' from version to avoid lintian warning 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz c67e3b3191 Made project buildable with debuild 9 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 91b2fa9a29 Fix install target in Makefile 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz e25e6289c9 Fix makefile target 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 3ba695edbd Shift man-page from 'debian' into 'man' 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 5ac7c2dcf6 Refactoring of Makefile 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 6fc54d8cdb Add release version string to Makefile 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 8e2795c045 Add release version string to Makefile 2 years ago
  Marco Herrn f7b444d2f8 Add make target 'dist-package' 2 years ago
  Marco Herrn e516525531 Add make target 'src-package' 2 years ago
  Marco Herrn 03756a7f6f Fix 'clean' target 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 3b57b6c232 Omit usage of builtin echo command if newline character is used 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 8e165fb091 • (Re-)Add missing target for src/version.vala 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 077fc067d7 Add build target for windows. (This only build a very striped version\!) 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 40bc020add Propagate shared asset folder from Makefile 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 5d49593858 Bugfixes and remove of deprecated warnings. 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 93636f251e Update 2017 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 246bd2457b Add gtk window hint. This info is useful for tiling window managers. 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 3ba5117e83 Bugfixes: 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 6d21425b4c Swap selected build types between all and release target 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 95b8c9a708 Add install and unistall option to Makefile 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz ce2b307cae Add system wide search for config file and asset folder. This is 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 883b24176d • Change startup beheaviour of the application: 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 012c3277fc Change some annotations 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz e0b870e32f Update README and install instructions. Fix compiling error for older vala versions <0.16 8 years ago
  rixx 543d7df500 added Arch Linux bugfix and includes for gcc to replace workaround requiring changes in /usr/include/… 8 years ago
  rixx 202e795644 fixed makefile syntax 8 years ago
  rixx d694b2be77 workaround for Arch Linux error - libgee-1.0 has its header still in /usr/include/gee-0.8 8 years ago
  rixx caae88381f next try, giving the necessary defines to gcc directly 8 years ago
  rixx 42708d2458 put definitions in separate header file 8 years ago
  rixx 2832020464 hopefully removing the XK_* workaround forcing you to change things in /usr/include/… 8 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 54971f58ab Add missing file. 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 7c2aa5d4ef Add indicator menu for gnome 3. The Makefile contains now 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz c0e4b6c1f8 Switch to Gdk-3.0. Virtual keyboard functionality does not work anymore. 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 8d4e988f39 Fix KeybindingManager issues after update on gdk 3.0 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 7b836018c5 Update to gtk 3.0. 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz d6a7a90644 Add -lm to compiler options. This and the previous commit 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 64620df692 Limit number of application instances to one. Show first application window, if second instance is started. 10 years ago