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  Nuc1eoN d9cb597348 Fix NEOQWERTZ layout 2 months ago
  Jonathan Vetter 716ce0a947
added layout NEOQWERTZ 7 months ago
  Ulli Kehrle 2e357d57e5
Added Bone. 2 months ago
  Olaf Schulz a9faf4d710 Add command line actions and fix DBus-issue 10 months ago
  Olaf Schulz aebe6ffe19 Integration of ADNW und KOY: 10 months ago
  Jonathan Vetter 231e9b582d Added ADNW and KOY layout to NeoLayoutViewer 10 months ago
  Olaf Schulz c660404b3e Minor changes and svg source for layer added. 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz c7d3cb0ca8 Normalize code syntax 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 5c468bf2b1 Save window size for each monitor. 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 24ae37e874 Fix issue which prevents window from downscaling 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 6d347d1729 Update about dialog text and change my mail address. 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 02188f4d4c Allow manual re-sizing of window. 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz fb41c192d2 First version with support of multiple monitors. Problems given if resolutions of monitors differs... 1 year ago
  Olaf Schulz 5eb0bff042 Fix display of version number in about dialog. 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 8e99b6f5f5 Avoid valac warning and add test target 'deb-packages_as_user' 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 264804d174 Remove libunique dependency 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 0869faeaf8 Fix version string display in info popup. 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 6fc54d8cdb Add release version string to Makefile 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 8e2795c045 Add release version string to Makefile 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz be7e5cf7e1 Refactoring comments and README. No further changes 2 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 329d621bf8 Correct license mismatch in Readme (issue 4) 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 7cf5e02407 Fix issue in keysend (c function). 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 077fc067d7 Add build target for windows. (This only build a very striped version\!) 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 40bc020add Propagate shared asset folder from Makefile 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz f1719e90fe Replace deprecated usages of Gtk.Stock and Gtk.ImageMenuItem 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 5d49593858 Bugfixes and remove of deprecated warnings. 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 93636f251e Update 2017 3 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 246bd2457b Add gtk window hint. This info is useful for tiling window managers. 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 3ba5117e83 Bugfixes: 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 99c33107d2 Anpassung des READMEs 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 95b8c9a708 Add install and unistall option to Makefile 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz ce2b307cae Add system wide search for config file and asset folder. This is 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 883b24176d • Change startup beheaviour of the application: 7 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 012c3277fc Change some annotations 7 years ago
  rixx da8a5a20ca formatting all the way 8 years ago
  rixx 59bf6188b7 removed unused code 8 years ago
  Olaf Schulz e0b870e32f Update README and install instructions. Fix compiling error for older vala versions <0.16 8 years ago
  rixx 5325595aa4 removed commented code from neo-window.vala 8 years ago
  rixx 50aa1e3711 removed now superflous config.h 8 years ago
  rixx 42708d2458 put definitions in separate header file 8 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 54971f58ab Add missing file. 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 7c2aa5d4ef Add indicator menu for gnome 3. The Makefile contains now 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz c0e4b6c1f8 Switch to Gdk-3.0. Virtual keyboard functionality does not work anymore. 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 8d4e988f39 Fix KeybindingManager issues after update on gdk 3.0 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 7b836018c5 Update to gtk 3.0. 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz c1de4f1e16 Fix bugs for new vala version (not finished). 9 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 64620df692 Limit number of application instances to one. Show first application window, if second instance is started. 10 years ago
  Olaf Schulz ee96bb89cf Send key event twice: To the focused window and the root window (for global shortcuts) 10 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 863683e249 Remove layer selection with keys 1-6. 10 years ago
  Olaf Schulz 884558f4e9 Remove image loading error, if executeable not called from bin dir 10 years ago