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neo-layout-viewer \- keyboard layout viewer for Neo 2
.B neo-layout-viewer
This manual page documents briefly the
.B neo-layout-viewer
.B NeoLayoutViewer
provides an easy way to display the
.B NEO 2
keyboard layout on screen.
The application window is an image of one of the six levels of the
.B Neo 2
keyboard layout. If one of the Mod-keys (Shift, …) is pressed or released
the display switches to the corresponding level.
The application window can be hidden and moved via keyboard shortcuts. All
settings can be modified via config file.
.B neo-layout-viewer
doesn't support any command line options.
NeoLayoutViewer supports two keyboard shortcuts:
.B <Ctrl><Alt>q
Hide/Show the application window
.B <Ctrl><Alt>n
Move the application window around. This cycles the position of the
application window between 8 different positions (each screen corner
and centered on the screen edges.).
The used positions can be reduced, see below.
Both shortcuts can be adapted by modifying the
.B config file
(see below).
The single configuration file is located in
~/.config/neo_layout_viewer.conf. This file is created on the first start
of the application.
The config entries in the generated file are commented to identify the
meaning of those options. The most important ones are:
.B width
The exact width of the application window. To avoid unexpected behavior on
on other resolutions, the width argument is ignored if it exceeds the range
[screen_width * min_width, screen_width * min_width]
.B max_width, min_width
This relative values limits the application window size.
As example, max_with = 0.5 restricts the size on 50% of the screen width.
The height can't be restricted directly.
.B display_function_keys
Whether to display the function key row
.B display_numpad
Whether to display the numpad block
.B show_shortcut
The keyboard shortcut to hide/display the application window
.B move_shortcut
The keyboard shortcut to move the window around. To remove the shortcut
just leave it empty.
The official homepage of the Neo 2 keyboard layout.
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.\" The programs are documented fully by
.\" .IR "The Rise and Fall of a Fooish Bar" ,
.\" available via the Info system.