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/* vim: set tabstop=2:softtabstop=2:shiftwidth=2:noexpandtab */
// modules: X
using X;
namespace NeoLayoutViewer{
public ConfigManager configm;
public NeoLayoutViewerApp app;
public static int main(string[] args) {
string[] paths = {
configm = new ConfigManager(paths, "neo_layout_viewer.conf");
// Try to find asset folder (images)
string asset_folder = search_asset_folder( configm.getConfig().get("asset_folder") );
if (asset_folder == null) {
stdout.printf(@"Application start failed because asset folder was not found.\nTry to set path manually in the config file '$(configm.used_config_path)'\n");
return 0;
// Update asset folder in config
configm.getConfig().set("asset_folder", asset_folder);
debug(@"Asset folder: $(asset_folder)\n");
// Init application window.
app = new NeoLayoutViewerApp (configm);
try {
app.register(); // returns false if and only if throws Error
} catch (Error e) {
debug(@"Gtk.Application.register() failed.\n");
return -1;
if (app.is_remote) {
print(@"Application is already running.\n");
} else {
return 0;
private static void quit() {
app.quit(); // stops
private static void about_dialog() {
/* This function create the about dialog in
tray menu or indicator menu */
var show_shortcut = configm.getConfig().get("show_shortcut").strip();
var move_shortcut = configm.getConfig().get("move_shortcut").strip();
var monitor_shortcut = configm.getConfig().get("monitor_shortcut").strip();
string tmp = "";
if (show_shortcut == monitor_shortcut) {
tmp = "Monitor wechseln/Ausblenden - %s".printf(show_shortcut);
} else {
tmp = """Ein-/Ausblenden - %s
Monitor wechseln - %s""".printf(show_shortcut,
var about = new Gtk.AboutDialog();
about.set_destroy_with_parent (true);
about.set_transient_for (app.neo_win);
about.set_version(@"$(RELEASE_VERSION) (git $(GIT_COMMIT_VERSION))");
about.set_program_name("Neo2.0 Ebenenanzeige");
about.set_comments("""Erleichtert das Nachschlagen von Tastenkombinationen im Neo 2.0-Layout.
Olaf Schulz
Bewegen - %s
Beenden (sofern Fenster selektiert) - q
Verwendete Konfigurationsdatei:
private void center_window(Gtk.Window win) {
int screen_width = app.neo_win.get_screen_width();
int screen_height = app.neo_win.get_screen_height();
int x, y, w, h;
win.get_size(out w, out h);
x = (screen_width - w) / 2;
y = (screen_height - h) / 2;
win.move(x, y);
/* Check given path and shared files folders for the asset folder.
The folder will be assumed as right one if one required file was found.
@return: assed folder or null.
private static string? search_asset_folder(string path) {
/*const*/ string filename = "/icons/Neo-Icon.png";
string[] paths = {
path, // path from config file
SHARED_ASSETS_PATH, // path given by Makefile
foreach (var p in paths) {
debug(@"Search assets in $(p)\n");
var file = File.new_for_path (p+filename);
if (file.query_exists(null)) return p;
foreach (var s in GLib.Environment.get_system_data_dirs()) {
var env_path = @"$(s)/NeoLayoutViewer/assets";
debug(@"Search assets in $(env_path)\n");
var file2 = File.new_for_path (env_path+filename);
if (file2.query_exists(null)) return env_path;
return null;
#if _NO_WIN
/* Extern C routines */
extern int keysend(uint keysym, int modifiers);
extern int keysend2(uint keysym, uint modsym1, uint modsym2);
extern bool checkCapsLock(X.Display* d);
extern void checkModifier(X.Display* d, int* keycodes, int nkeycodes, int* pressed );