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!! ~/.Xmodmap
!! created by Benjamin Scholz
!! The german NEO Layout
!! see http://pebbles.schattenlauf.de/layout/index.html for details
!! this Layout depends on a running qwertz-de Layout
!! mostly type "setxkbmap de" to set a qwertz-de Layout
!! To try the layout in this file, simply do xmodmap <file>.
!! To load the layout in this file at X startup, simply store it as
!! ~/.Xmodmap (named .Xmodmap in your home directory)
!! number Row
keysym dead_circumflex = dead_circumflex degree dead_circumflex degree notsign paragraph
!!seen on SUN Keyboard or if you have "nodeadkeys" on. Comment the next line in and the previous out
!!keysym asciicircum = dead_circumflex degree dead_circumflex degree notsign paragraph
keysym 1 = 1 exclam 1 exclam exclamdown onesuperior
keysym 2 = 2 quotedbl 2 quotedbl dead_diaeresis
keysym 3 = 3 paragraph 3 paragraph sterling
keysym 4 = 4 dollar 4 dollar currency
keysym 5 = 5 percent 5 percent bar
keysym 6 = 6 ampersand 6 ampersand brokenbar
keysym 7 = 7 slash 7 slash braceleft
keysym 8 = 8 parenleft 8 parenleft bracketleft
keysym 9 = 9 parenright 9 parenright bracketright
keysym 0 = 0 equal 0 equal braceright
keysym ssharp = minus underscore minus underscore
keysym dead_acute = dead_acute dead_grave dead_cedilla dead_ogonek
!! seen on SUN Keyboard. Comment the next line in and the previous out
!!keysym SunFA_Acute = dead_acute dead_grave dead_cedilla dead_ogonek
!! if you have "nodeadkeys" on. Comment the next line in and the previous out
!!keysym acute = dead_acute dead_grave dead_cedilla dead_ogonek
!! upper Row
keysym q = q Q q Q at dead_diaeresis
keysym w = v V v V masculine ordfeminine
keysym e = l L l L lstroke Lstroke
keysym r = c C c C ccedilla copyright
keysym t = w W w W Greek_omega Greek_OMEGA
keysym z = k K k K Greek_kappa Greek_KAPPA
keysym u = h H h H Greek_epsilon Greek_EPSILON
keysym i = g G g G Greek_gamma Greek_GAMMA
keysym o = f F f F ordfeminine
keysym p = j J j J Greek_iota Greek_IOTA
keysym udiaeresis = ssharp question backslash questiondown
keysym plus = plus asterisk plus asterisk dead_tilde plusminus
!! home Row
keysym a = u U u U Greek_delta Greek_DELTA
keysym s = i I i I idotless Iabovedot
keysym d = a A a A at Greek_alpha
keysym f = e E e E EuroSign cent
keysym g = o O o O oslash Ooblique
keysym h = s S s S Greek_sigma Greek_SIGMA
keysym j = n N n N Greek_nu Greek_NU
keysym k = r R r R registered trademark
keysym l = t T t T Greek_theta Greek_THETA
keysym odiaeresis = d D d D eth ETH
keysym adiaeresis = y Y y Y yen
keysym numbersign = numbersign apostrophe numbersign apostrophe grave dead_breve
!! lower Row
keysym less = less greater less greater guillemotleft guillemotright
keysym y = odiaeresis Odiaeresis odiaeresis Odiaeresis oe OE
keysym x = udiaeresis Udiaeresis udiaeresis Udiaeresis apostrophe asciitilde
keysym c = adiaeresis Adiaeresis adiaeresis Adiaeresis ae AE
keysym v = p P p P thorn THORN
keysym b = z Z z Z Greek_zeta Greek_ZETA
keysym n = b B b B Greek_beta Greek_BETA
keysym m = m M m M Greek_mu Greek_MU
keysym comma = comma semicolon comma semicolon dead_cedilla cedilla
keysym period = period colon period colon periodcentered
keysym minus = x X x X multiply
!! Make caps lock an additional Alt_Gr
!remove Lock = Caps_Lock
!keysym Caps_Lock = ISO_Level3_Shift
!! Make caps lock an additional left control
!remove Lock = Caps_Lock
!keysym Caps_Lock = Control_L
!add Control = Control_L