Neo ist eine ergonomische Tastaturbelegung, welche für die deutsche Sprache optimiert ist.
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE keyboard SYSTEM "file://localhost/System/Library/DTDs/KeyboardLayout.dtd"> <!--Last edited by Ukelele version 1.8 on 2009-01-08 at 23:15 (CET)--> <keyboard group="0" id="5002" name="Deutsch (Neo 2)" maxout="2"> <layouts> <layout first="0" last="0" modifiers="48" mapSet="312"/> </layouts> <modifierMap id="48" defaultIndex="0"> <keyMapSelect mapIndex="0"> <modifier keys=""/> </keyMapSelect> <keyMapSelect mapIndex="1"> <modifier keys="anyShift caps?"/> </keyMapSelect> <keyMapSelect mapIndex="2"> <modifier keys="caps"/> </keyMapSelect> <keyMapSelect mapIndex="3"> <modifier keys="anyOption"/> </keyMapSelect> <keyMapSelect mapIndex="4"> <modifier keys="anyShift caps? anyOption"/> </keyMapSelect> <keyMapSelect mapIndex="5"> <modifier keys="caps anyOption"/> </keyMapSelect> <keyMapSelect mapIndex="6"> <modifier keys="command anyShift? caps? anyOption? anyControl?"/> </keyMapSelect> <keyMapSelect mapIndex="7"> <modifier keys="anyShift? caps? anyOption? anyControl"/> </keyMapSelect> </modifierMap> <keyMapSet id="312"> <keyMap index="0"> <key code="0" action="a32"/> <key code="1" action="a16"/> <key code="2" action="a34"/> <key code="3" action="a18"/> <key code="4" action="s"/> <key code="5" action="a11"/> <key code="6" action="ü"/> <key code="7" output="ö"/> <key code="8" output="&#xE4;"/> <key code="9" output="p"/> <key code="10" action="a4"/> <key code="11" action="a31"/> <key code="12" action="x"/> <key code="13" action="v"/> <key code="14" action="a29"/> <key code="15" action="c"/> <key code="16" action="k"/> <key code="17" action="w"/> <key code="18" output="1"/> <key code="19" output="2"/> <key code="20" output="3"/> <key code="21" output="4"/> <key code="22" output="6"/> <key code="23" output="5"/> <key code="24" action=""/> <key code="25" output="9"/> <key code="26" output="7"/> <key code="27" output=""/> <key code="28" output="8"/> <key code="29" output="0"/> <key code="30" action="a3"/> <key code="31" output="f"/> <key code="32" action="h"/> <key code="33" output="&#xDF;"/> <key code="34" action="g"/> <key code="35" output="q"/> <key code="36" output="&#xD;"/> <key code="37" action="t"/> <key code="38" action="a24"/> <key code="39" action="a41"/> <key code="40" action="r"/> <key code="41" output="d"/> <key code="42" output=""/> <key code="43" output=","/> <key code="44" action="j"/> <key code="45" output="b"/> <key code="46" output="m"/> <key code="47" output="."/> <key code="48" output="&#x9;"/> <key code="49" action="a22"/> <key code="50" output=""/> <!-- gap, 54-65 --> <key code="51" output="&#x8;"/> <key code="52" output="&#x3;"/> <key code="53" output="&#x001b;"/> <key code="65" output=","/> <key code="66" output="&#x1D;"/> <!-- gap, 67-69 --> <key code="67" output="-"/> <key code="70" output="&#x1C;"/> <key code="71" output="&#x1B;"/> <key code="72" output="&#x1F;"/> <!-- gap, 73-75 --> <key code="75" output="*"/> <key code="76" output="&#x000d;"/> <key code="77" output="&#x1E;"/> <!-- gap, 78-95 --> <key cod