Neo ist eine ergonomische Tastaturbelegung, welche für die deutsche Sprache optimiert ist.
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@echo off
echo Setting local path variables
REM The path to the Auto Hotkeyprogram:
set ahk=C:\Programme\AutoHotkey
REM The path to the authohotkey directory in the local svn copy:
set svn=.
REM The filename of the joined script:
set fn=neo20
rem echo Killing the old (AHK)Driver
rem tskill %fn%
echo Creating a new joined script from the Source code
cd "%svn%\Source"
REM The order *is* important!
copy "Warning.ahk" + "Global-Part.ahk" + "Methods-Layers.ahk" + "Keys-Qwert-to-Neo.ahk" + "Keys-Neo.ahk" + "Keys-Numbers.ahk" + "Keys-Special.ahk" + "Keys-Numpad.ahk" + "Keys-DeadKeys.ahk" + "Methods-Lights.ahk" + "Methods-Other.ahk" + "Compose.ahk" + "Methods-Unicode.ahk" + "Methods-ScreenKeyboard.ahk" "..\%fn%.ahk"
echo Compiling the new Driver using Autohotkey
"%ahk%\Compiler\Ahk2Exe.exe" /in "%svn%\%fn%.ahk" /out "%svn%\%fn%.exe" /icon "%svn%\neo.ico"
echo Driver Update complete! You can now close this log-window.
REM Start the new Driver
rem %fn%.exe
REM wie kann man hier mit der Skriptabarbeitung weitermachen? Unter Windows XP scheint es nicht m�glich zu sein, dies mit "Bordmitteln" zu erreichen, es gibt hierf�r jedoch extere Programme, etwa:
REM Start the new driver asynchronously, using "Hidden Start" (hstart.exe) from
REM hstart.exe /NOCONSOLE /D="." "%fn%.exe"