Neo ist eine ergonomische Tastaturbelegung, welche für die deutsche Sprache optimiert ist.
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@echo off
echo Setting default local path variables
set ahkpath=C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoHotkey
if not exist "%ahkpath%" set ahkpath=C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey
set Ahk2Exe=%ahkpath%\Compiler\Ahk2Exe.exe
set srcdir=..\src
set bindir=..\bin
set ahkrevoutput1=%srcdir%\_gitwcrev.generated.ahk
set NEO2AppData=%APPDATA%\Neo2
set customahk=%NEO2AppData%\custom.ahk
set customahkbuild=%customahk%.buildtmp
echo Generating version file
for /f "tokens=* USEBACKQ" %%R in (`"git rev-parse HEAD"`) do set Revision=%%R
set Revision=%Revision:~0,7%
echo Revision:="%Revision%" > "%ahkrevoutput1%"
if NOT EXIST %bindir% mkdir %bindir%
set fnexe=%bindir%\neo20.exe
git diff --exit-code > nul
set fnexe=%bindir%\neo20-r%Revision%.exe
REM Overwrite binary output name if given as parameter
if "%1:" NEQ ":" (
set fnexe=%1
echo Removing old version(s) of Neo AHK Exe file
del "%bindir%\neo20-r*.exe" 2> nul
set fnahk=%srcdir%\neo20-all.ahk
if exist "%customahk%" (
move "%customahk%" "%customahkbuild%"
echo Compiling the new driver using AutoHotkey
"%Ahk2Exe%" /in "%fnahk%" /out "%fnexe%" /icon "%srcdir%\neo_enabled.ico" /bin "%ahkpath%\Compiler\Unicode 32-bit.bin"
if exist "%customahkbuild%" (
move "%customahkbuild%" "%customahk%"
echo Driver update complete! You can now close this log window.